METROPHONES: BEDSTE HOVEDTELEFON TIL TROMMESLAGERE | Drum Squad | Alt indenfor trommeudstyr og tilbehør til trommer…


Den amerikanske forbrugerhjemmeside BestCovery ”rater” alle mulige former for produkter. Heriblandt også ”de bedste hovedtelefoner til trommeslagere”, hvor Metrophones ligger nummer 1 foran bl.a. Beyer Dynamic DT770M og Vic Firth. Her er begrundelsen:

Why it's best: American-made Metrophones are really impressive, an ingenious combination of headphones and a convenient built-in metronome system. There's also a removable 9-foot cord with a 3.5mm plug equipped with a 1/4-inch adapter, comfortable cushions, a line out for the click plus the nice touch of the included 9-volt battery. This pair of drummer-targeted headphones offers lots of options and most importantly, great sound isolation and an outstanding speaker system.

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