Test af CymbalWorks Collectables-serien

Det hollandske trommemagasin Slagwerkkrant har testet et udvalg af Collectables-bækkener i deres udgivelse fra november-december 2020.

Anmelderen skriver bl.a.:

Cymbalworks impresses at this first encounter. In terms of sound, the cymbals are a bit in between Zildjian K Special Dry, Sabian HHX and Byzance Jazz – only a lot cheaper. The finish is neat, and the cymbals from the test set are nice and cohesive. In terms of looks, these are all well made. The hand hammering in combination with the lasered logos looks just as chic as the cymbals sound. To put it in Danish: “Godt klaret”.

Du kan downloade testen som PDF-fil på engelsk her.